83HADES: Psycho

83HADES is a skinny white kid from Brooklyn-Louisville USA and does not look like someone that would make you feel unsafe. He is a tiny child but his music causes some real damage. 83 has managed to capture what a nightmare might sound like and packaged it into an amazing track. True genius. Wait for […]

What do Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck all have in common?

I work with my old man as a Stonemason. Call it a family trade. I truly love my job. You’re outdoors working with your hands, getting fit and being creative… But that’s not my favourite thing.. The best part about the job is firing up the speaker, yelling at each other and listening to rock […]

Kublai Khan TX

To all the hardcore fans still desperately clinging to the early/mid 2000’s like it’s gonna come back just how you remembered it and you’re gonna be a scene king again in your gross early to mid 30’s…It’s over. Get over it you sad cunt. The haircuts were shit, the band t-shirts you wore were too […]

Action Bronson: Amadu Diablo (Live Acoustic Version with Party Supplies)

I find it my duty as an Action Bronson fan to share this video as it gets harder and harder to find online (consider it a musical time capsule). Complex and all other major rap music publications have deleted this video from their websites promoting the release of ‘Blue Chips 2’ in 2013… It’s also […]

Dee Dee Ramone’s Rap Career

Hey yeah so Dee Dee Ramone had a brief rap career. I know what you’re thinking; “Nice, I bet it was all Beastie Boys style goodness.. New York hip hop with a lil’ punk rock energy peppered in.” Well slow your role buddy.. You need to remember that in 1989 when Dee Dee left The […]

Youtube and Facebook Algorithms: Helping or Hurting?

I love the concept of platforms like Facebook and Youtube having the intuitive ability to show me content tailored to my recent online activity. If I am actively searching online for my next Hannah Montana t-shirt then by golly why wouldn’t I be open to Facey serving me ads for said products so I can […]

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