83HADES: Psycho

83HADES is a skinny white kid from Brooklyn-Louisville USA and does not look like someone that would make you feel unsafe. He is a tiny child but his music causes some real damage. 83 has managed to capture what a nightmare might sound like and packaged it into an amazing track. True genius.

Wait for the knock 13 seconds in and be ready to shit your pants… You’ll see what I mean….


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Action Bronson: Amadu Diablo (Live Acoustic Version with Party Supplies)

I find it my duty as an Action Bronson fan to share this video as it gets harder and harder to find online (consider it a musical time capsule). Complex and all other major rap music publications have deleted this video from their websites promoting the release of ‘Blue Chips 2’ in 2013… It’s also getting harder to find ‘Blue Chips 2’ anywhere… Spotify doesn’t host it and I’m not sure why…

Honestly, the two people who can rock a leather duster like this and get away with it are Action Bronson and Mac from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’…

In my humble opinion ‘Blue Chips 2’ is Action Bronson’s second best musical release after ‘Dr. Lecter’ so here it is… Just Producer Party Supplies playing Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason’ on acoustic guitar as Action smokes a baseball bat joint and spits over it… This needed to be shared and so does ‘Blue Chips 2’ so here they both are.. Enjoy x